Kids’ Science Club FAQ

How do I redeem my Extra Credit Points®?

Log into your account on the main Educational Innovations website (  On each product page, under the product’s retail price is a box stating how many points you must redeem to order the product using your Extra Credit Points®.  If the box is not clickable, you do not have enough points for that item. You can check your balance at any time by going to “My Account” and clicking “Extra Credit Points®.”

What if I don't have an account?

If you do not have an account when you place your first Kids’ Science Club order, an account will be made for you.  The password will be your email address. You may change the password when you log into your account on

How much is shipping?

Economy ground shipping is free if the order total is over $99.  Shipping is $7.95 for orders under $99.

Can I use my Extra Credit Points® to place student orders?

No.  Points may only be used on the main Educational Innovations website.

How much time do I give the students?

That is your choice.  Often, if too much time is given, families will forget the deadline.  Most teachers prefer to email the fliers to parents at the end of the week and request them back by the following week.

What is the best way to collect money?

We suggest you send a letter with the flier letting the parents know how you want to handle the money.  Some teachers prefer getting only cash so they can order on the Kids’ Science Club website using their own credit card.  Others prefer that all orders be sent in with individual checks written to Educational Innovations.

Where do I send the checks?

Send the master order form and any checks written to Educational Innovations to:

Educational Innovations, Inc.

5 Francis J. Clarke Circle

Bethel, CT 06801

What if only a few of my students place orders?

You can submit orders for any number of students.  There is no minimum requirement. However, please keep in mind that if the order is under $99, there will be a shipping fee of $7.95.

What if a student comes in a day or two late and wants to order?

If you have just sent in your order, give us a call at 203-748-3224.  If the order has not shipped yet, we will be happy to adjust the order.

How fast will I get the order?

We will ship out the order within a day or two of receipt. 

Can I pay with both checks and a credit card?

Yes.  Just send in the credit card information or give us a call at 203-748-3224.

Can parents order online and give me their Extra Credit Points®?

Yes!  Whether they’re placing orders online, by phone, or by mail, parents must give us TEACHER NAME and SCHOOL NAME in order for Extra Credit Points to be transferred to your account.

Do the points expire?

Extra Credit Points® expire after one calendar year.  You can accumulate more points by submitting a new Kids’ Science Club order.

Can I share or transfer my Extra Credit Points® with another teacher?

Please give us a call at 203-748-3224 if you need this to happen.

Can I combine Kids’ Science Club with another teacher?

Yes, you can send in the orders together.  However, the Extra Credit Points® would only go to one account.

What if I transfer to another school district?

Give us a call at 203-748-3224 and we can change where the fliers will be sent.  

What if an item arrives damaged?

Please give us a call at 203-748-3224 and we will replace the item. 

What is the free gift?

There is a free gift for each student who places an order.  The gift changes with each season’s flier.

Can I have the products shipped to the students' home?

If you are placing a Master Order for the class, then all products must be shipped directly to you.  Parents who wish to have products shipped to their homes must place their OWN private orders, separate from the class Master Order.  Be sure to remind them to include your name and school name, so you receive Extra Credit Points for their order.

How does the Home Science Lab work?

The Home Science Lab is a monthly subscription program with free shipping.  If teachers place a Master Order for the class, the first month’s kit will be sent to the school along with the other Kids’ Science Club orders and the kits for any subsequent months will be sent directly to the student’s home.  If parents place their own order, the Home Science Lab kit will be sent directly to the home address.  In either case, please make sure that you include the student’s HOME shipping information with all Home Science Lab orders.